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// we create simple solutions to complex problems
FINDEV - логотип
логотип findev

/a little about the founders

We are a team of developers with more than 10 years of experience in fintech.
We come from a background of working in large, bureaucracy heavy, admin heavy, global companies, where it was difficult to get things done.

So, when the opportunity arose to create something of our own, we decided to build a company for engineers with a rich engineering culture based on common sense.
We have built an engineering culture based on common sense.
Everyone’s contribution to the company’s success is clear and transparent.
We don’t optimize what should be thrown away.

/what does it mean


At the same time, we understand IT in fintech is a service to the business that solves specific problems.

Our goal is balance. We persistently look for a balance between continual improvement and delivering features on time.
We are experts in building cutting edge fintech solutions.

We build to avoid burdensome support costs.
Автоматизация управления активами фонда
Разработка программного обеспечения для финансовой сферы
Java, Python, .Net, AWS, Private Cloud, Oracle, Snowflake

/about our values

Our core values are an engineering culture focused on solving real problems.

Everything else is superfluous: corporate titles, pointless meetings, meaningless processes and oppressive time tracking.

This is not how we want to work, sorry. We are at our best when we don’t have to adhere to restrictive formal practices.

We value self-sufficiency and the ability to work with poorly formalized and flexible requirements.


// Trade sizing, systematic trading

// Electronic trading (order management / execution management / connectivity)

// Risk calculation

// Business Intelligence / Analytical reports

// Trade compliance

// Technology list:
Net Core
Power BI
Oracle dev / DBA

/наши локации

/our locations

You are an engineer: you can create technical solutions for business problems by strategically analyzing and looking for the best solution.
You don’t move from company to company looking for the latest stack, but you’re also not ready to alter your way of working to cut corners and produce ad-hoc solutions.
You are interested in the business and you are detail oriented.

/who we are looking for

You are not pinned to a particular framework.
You have read the above, and understood you share our values.

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We do not send spam or share your information with anyone else.

Leave your e-mail, and we will be in touch

We do not send spam or share your information with anyone else.